Coravin is a Californian company founded by a former MIT student, Greg Lambrecht, who is passionate with technology and medical devices. When he saw the waste in throwing away bottles of oxidized wine, he had the idea of inventing a device which would allow people to taste wine without the beverage to touch air thus preserving it much longer. Coravin is created in 2011 and fund raising already reached $13.6 million in 2015 and €20.6 million at the end of last year!


How does it work?

The Coravin device first looks like a strange weapon but it’s actually an elaborated corkscrew that one can easily clip on the bottle neck. The medical grade needle on the device will puncture the cork. The later is quite an elastic and porous material so the cork won’t break when using the needle and the wine won’t be exposed to air. The precious beverage is thus protected from oxidation.

The device uses a capsule of Argon gas which is an inert gas that is often used by wine professionals. The gas will help to lightly pressurize the bottle and make the wine goes up in the needle each time the device trigger is released. The needle sucks the wine up to your glass and once removed, the cork will naturally close up right away. You can experiment at home: turn the bottle of wine down, no wine is getting away. Coravin enables you to keep your “opened” wine bottles months after the first use of the device, without the wine being affected.

Coravin, the next Nespresso of wine?

According to Coravin CEO Fred Levy: “The arrival of Coravin in the wine industry has fundamentally changed the way wine is tasted and appreciated. Since its launch, only three years ago, consumers and professionals from around the world have been seduced by this new way of serving and enjoying wine”. Levy’s dream is: “for it to become the Nespresso of wine and to see one in every kitchen all over the world – I want people to retire their corkscrews.” Coravin has already developed a screw cap friendly model. Levy says the sparkling wine device version is still being developed and there are no plans for a launch date just yet.

Levy’s vision attracts investors and customers! Coravin is now available in more than 30 countries with more than 500 restaurants and distributors. Even though France has been the hardest market to penetrate, Coravin is now available at many wine merchants and has just signed a partnership with the households appliances store: Boulanger. You can also find your Coravin at Galeries Lafayette, Fnac, Darty or the Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché and directly on the Coravin website from 199.00 euros.

Let’s now enjoy the modern times of wine tasting and remember what Dali said “who knows how to taste never drinks wine but tastes secrets”.


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