Winalist will give you a complete overview of the good reasons to visit the Champagne wine region. Let’s start with the most obvious one, the short length of travel. The Champagne area is only 45 minutes away from Paris by train. For some, this is less time than to get to work. Still not convinced? Following are the complete TOP 10 excuses to get away from Paris for a moment and escape to one of the most beautiful places in France:


  1. Taste the world’s most famous sparkling wine

Champagne is a symbol of French style as much as the baguette in New York, it is the must-to-drink  in first class of Asian airlines and for you, a chance to taste the rarest bottles on the spot, a few minutes away from Paris! Even the pickiest person will find a bottle at his or her taste, in the 135 km long cellars of Epernay and Reims. Champagne is also a vineyard, an ancestral


  1. Discover a UNESCO World Heritage

Monuments or landscapes, there is something for everyone. Champagne encounters 365 classified monuments and show a remarkable nature. Visitors go to the beach at the great Lake Der, and go hiking to watch the 300 species of birds in Champagne’s trails. In autumn, you can see the common cranes and other 200 species migrating to Africa and that often stopover in the Champagne countryside.


  1. Wine tourism!

Discovering wine on the spot and understanding a whole terroir in ways that are sometimes unusual is there possible. For example Oenovasion offers 4×4 rides, rents mountain bikes or old cars to act like James Bond in the heart of the vineyards. In most wine tourism activities, tasting is planned on the winery domain and often between the rows of vines, coupled with explanations on the specificities of the Champagne land.


  1. A sumptuous night

Would you rather sleep in prestigious hotels or have a night spent in some romantic guest houses? The wealth of the Champagne region is also noted for its quality and diversity of welcoming visitors. You can rather sleep in one of the B&Bs of the 469 towns labeled “towns and villages in bloom” or treat yourself with some castle luxury life experiences. The choice is vast: the prestigious estate Les Crayères and its 7-hectare park in Reims, the 19th century Villa Eugène  or the Jean Moët mansion in Épernay. If you are in Épernay, come say hello to the Winalist team!



  1. Cities full of History

In Champagne-Ardenne, 6 cities are currently labeled “City of Art and History” because they committed to introduce to inhabitants & locals the city’s heritage in educational ways. These cities are Troyes, Charleville Mezieres, Sedan, Langres, Chalons-en-Champagne and Reims, the city of kings. There, you will have the opportunity to discover local crafts! Learn about the art of stained glass and iron, meet glassblowers, baskets and knives makers. The latter work according to the ancestral tradition that crosses generations, but sometimes know how to adapt modern era in a harmonious handmade crafts.


  1. Family and kids friendly

Tree climbing, leisure parks and 983 sites to visit are listed on the official website of Champagne Ardenne tourism. Even going through 2 sites a day, you will need a year and a half of full time visit to discover the entire region. In addition, many of these sites are free such as the frescoes of the Church of St. Martin, and the other remain affordable. Yu can enter the castle of the Grand Garden Joinville and wonder in its extensive garden through guided tours for only 2 or 4 euros.


  1. Pamper your taste buds

Champagne is also an area with many starred restaurants, bars, and pubs. The Assiette Champenoise in Tinqueux, for example, is one of twenty-five Michelin-starred restaurants.


  1. Testimony of the great wars

The Great War of 1914/1918 marked the region indelibly and with the duty of memory, Champagne offers many sites, paths, and routes that explain the conflict to kids and grown-ups, through reenactments, weapons, and other objects from that time. History buffs can also find reconstructions of the Franco-Prussian war, of the Napoleonic campaigns or of World War 2.



  1. Many celebrations

On the menu of “La Champagne en fête”, you will find tastings, wine pairing and musical entertainment. More history-oriented, the Johannian Festivities of Reims invite you to live the 33 royal coronations that the city has known again! What is also amazing to attend are the sound and light shows on the cathedral of Reims during the “Dream of Colors”, or on natural elements of the boat ride in Châlons-en-Champagne during the “Métamorph’eau’ses” event.


  1. Winalist’s winemakers welcome you anytime

Initiation to enology, tasting, visit of the vineyard, there are so many unforgettable and personalized experiences to realize if you’re an adventurer, a romantic lover or family members! Come and discover our winemakers and our beautiful region on!





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